Secure payment

Secure Payments starts with

secure connections.


An SSL connection is an encrypted connection between server and visitors.

You can easily recognize an SSL connection by the extra letter S in the URL

Our webshop is secured with an SSL connection.

In addition, a green browser also indicates that the line is secured by means of a small lock in front of the URL or a green bar.

Pay with iDEAL

Steeltoys Ideal-Logo

At Steeltoys you can pay safely and securely in many ways. The same goes for iDEAL.

With iDEAL you can pay securely online at your own bank via internet banking.

Internet banking with iDEAL is possible at the following banks: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, KNAB, Rabobank, SNS Bank, SNS Regio Bank and Triodos Bank.

How can you pay with iDEAL?

You can now immediately complete your payment in the trusted and secure internet payment environment of your own bank.

The benefits of iDEAL

  • Pay safely and quickly via your own bank
  • You don’t need to install any software
  • Payment is completed immediately, so that we can process the order immediately
  • We do not charge transaction costs for iDEAL payments

When paying via iDEAL, a debit from Buckaroo will also appear on your bank statement.

For the sake of discretion, the name “Steeloys” will not appear on your bank statement. When placing your order, your personal data is guaranteed to be handled safely.

Personal data is not provided to third parties and all information is sent encrypted over the internet, making the information unreadable by third parties.

Bancontact / Mister Cash.


You can pay for all orders from Belgium safely and securely with Bancontact / Mister Cash.

With Bancontact/Mister Cash you can pay in the trusted internet banking application of your own bank.

If you have access to internet banking at your bank, you can immediately use Bancontact / MisterCash, without further registration.

Pay confidently and safely with your own bank

Payment is received immediately and your order will be shipped immediately

No extra costs for paying for your order


Bancontact / Mister Cash is only possible with a Belgian bank account and Mister Cash card.

How does Bancontact / Mister Cash work?

If you want to pay with Bancontact/Mister Cash, select this payment option during the ordering process.

After checking your order you can now pay with Bancontact/Mister Cash.

Enter your card details.

You will then be redirected to your own bank where the payment order is ready for you.

Your bank will ask you to enter a number of details and you then authorize the payment.

The amount will be immediately debited from your payment account and we will be informed that the order has been settled.

You can find more information about Bancontact/Mister Cash at your bank.

Pay by Belfius

Belfius is one of the largest banks in Belgium that offers its customers its own online payment method. Customers with a Belfius bank account can use this payment method to transfer payments directly from the Belfius online banking environment or via the bank’s app.


How does the KBC/CBC payment button work? If you choose to pay with the KBC/CBC Payment Button, first select KBC or CBC. You will then be redirected to your own, trusted online banking environment, where the payment details have already been entered.


Steeltoys PayPal logo

PayPal is the safe and fast way to make online payments worldwide

Anyone with a PayPal account can pay with PayPal on Steeltoys.

Simply select PayPal as a payment method during the ordering process and enter your personal PayPal details.

Benefits of PayPal

  • Your payment is anonymous
  • Your payment can be tracked and checked online
  • A confirmation of your payment will be sent immediately by email
  • After checking, your order will be shipped immediately

Your own PayPal account

If you would like to pay with PayPal, you can do this through your own PayPal account.

On your PayPal account, your email address is linked to a bank account number or credit card.

If you want to make a payment with PayPal, you can easily log in to your own PayPal account and complete your payment.

You log in using your email address and a secure password of your choice.

After making a payment, you will immediately receive an email with the payment details.

Safe and discreet

PayPal is one of the safest online payment methods and is the most used online payment method worldwide.

Payments made through PayPal are sent without sharing financial and sensitive information.

Sent data will never be provided to third parties.

For reasons of discretion, costs incurred are never mentioned on your PayPal account under the name “Steeloys”.

With PayPal you can complete a payment anonymously because your identity is not disclosed during the payment process.

In3 – Pay in 3 times with 0% interest

iDEAL in3 – Spread your payment in 3 times without interest

Don’t want to pay for your purchase in one go? With iDEAL in3 you can pay for your purchase spread over 3 installments within 60 days, without any additional costs. This applies to purchases from €50 up to a maximum of €5,000.

Before your payment is processed, we will perform a quick check of your details. If your payment request is not approved for any reason, please feel free to contact us or choose another payment method. For more details about iDEAL in3, visit our website.

Choose iDEAL in3 at checkout:

Select iDEAL in3 as payment method, after which a quick check of your details takes place.

First payment and shipping:
Make the first payment, one third of the total amount, via iDEAL and your order will be shipped immediately.

Subsequent terms:

You pay the second installment within 30 days, and the third installment within 60 days. We will send you timely reminders so that you do not miss a payment.

Pay with Riverty | AfterPay (by Buckaroo)


Pay afterwards with Riverty

Riverty carries out the entire post-payment process for This means that you will receive a payment overview from Riverty. With the Riverty App you can view and pay this payment overview, safely and easily from your smartphone. In the online environment My Riverty you can manage your payment statements from your computer or tablet. Riverty keeps you informed via push notifications & e-mail when a payment overview is ready for you. To approve your request for post-payment, Riverty carries out a data check. Riverty applies a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement. In the unlikely event that your request for payment with Riverty is not authorized, you can of course pay for your order with another payment method. For more information, please refer to Riverty.


How does Giropay work?

When a customer chooses to pay with Giropay, the payment process is as follows:

  • The customer chooses his bank from the list of participating banks.
  • The customer then logs in to his online banking environment.
  • In the online banking environment, the customer checks the pre-filled payment details.
  • If all information is correct, the customer authorizes the payment.
  • After authorization, the customer receives a confirmation and the product is shipped.

Bank Transfer


Prepayment means that after entering your order, you transfer the outstanding order amount to Steeltoys’ bank account.

When transferring manually, always state the order number from your order confirmation.

Prepayment is not the fastest way of payment.

With Instant payments, things can go quickly these days, but this is not always the case.

Therefore, please take into account a possible transfer time of one to three working days.

As soon as we have received your payment, we will immediately email you a confirmation of receipt and ship your order the same day.


  • Secure banking with your own payment options
  • No extra costs for paying
  • Easy to cancel your order, please contact our customer service

You can easily transfer money to Steeltoys from the Netherlands, Belgium and all other countries in Europe. 

Bank details Steeltoys:

Goohaco bv.

IBAN: NL49KNAB0256833974
t.n.v. Goohaco bv.

Mentioning the order number (you will find this in the order confirmation).