Fist Fuck Seat Band / Sling / Rim-Seat

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Fist Fuck Seat Band / Sling / Rim-Seat

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This FistFuck seat strap, sling, rim-seat can be clicked perfectly into our Steeltoys Slingframe.
Comfortable seat sling with a 35 cm opening.
This allows for relaxed fisting or playing with the user from below.
The height is only 17 cm. You have to be able to reach it properly, of course.
Can also be used as a fuck sling and as a Rim-seat.
Features 4 stainless steel rings that you can hang from your sling frame or ceiling with chains and carabiners.
The fasteners are through the strap and reinforced on the inside by a plate so that it cannot just come loose.
Load capacity is guaranteed up to 150 kg.
All the edges along the inside edges have been smoothed and thus no longer sharp. (see last photo)
Very nice and convenient also in combination with your leg loops to keep your legs up comfortably and relaxed.
Clip a pair of handcuffs to your chain so you can’t fall backwards you’re all set.
You can also possibly use a chain and a couple of carabiners to make some sort of backrest.
Or you can use the leather leg loops as a sling to create a backrest, which is totally luxurious.
Supplied without chains.
Use your own chains from your sling or order the Chain Set for a 4 point sling with it.
Then it can hang perfectly in a Steeltoys frame

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 17 cm



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