Spreader Bar / Suspension Bar 75 cm. Long

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Spreader bar 75 cm.

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This Steeltoys Spreader Bar meets the expectations of both beginners to even the hardest BDSM enthusiasts.
It is made of sturdy steel and has the 4 special Steeltoys Rings.
2 Rings securely and safely welded to each end, so you can attach your favorite wrist or ankle cuffs to it with e.g. a carabiner or rope.
In the center of the spreader, 2 additional rings are welded opposite each other.
With these two Steeltoys Rings you can use this Spreader Bar to Hang or Suspension, this spreader bar is definitely strong enough to hang a person from.
The other rings can then be used for additional bondage (for genital bondage or to secure a collar)
Available in two lengths: the short one is 50 cm long in total, the long one is 75 cm long.
The rings have a guaranteed load capacity of 250 kg.

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Dimensions 10 × 80 × 10 cm
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