Bag for sling frame or other gear

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Tough very sturdy Bag for sling frame to store or transport.

This bag comes standard with a loose frame or complete frame

Or also nice for storing all kinds of things.

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Tough very sturdy Bag for storing or transporting your sling frame or other toy.

Original model of the Dutch army. Used but is good condition. Some have some written on them.

With eye and stab eye, which allows the duffel bag to be closed. You lock the duffel bag with the musketon hook attached to the carrying strap.

Next to the carrying strap is also a handle.

Size : 90 x 35 x 35 cm.

Material: 100% cotton rip-stop

Type: duffle bag.

Color: Army Green

Or also nice for storing all kinds of things.


Place the 8 tubes of the frame with the corners down into the bag then you will make a kind of flat bottom and can

close the bag from the top more easily.

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