Chain SET 4-point sling in frame + 10 carabiners

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Chain SET for 4-point sling or slingboard in a sling frame including 10 carabiners.

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This chain SET allows you to easily hang a 4 point sling or slingboard in a frame.

SET consists of : 4 pieces of 1 meter chains and 10 carabiners.

The 4 1-meter chains go from the 4 vertices in the frame to the sling eyes.

Includes: 10 carabiners which you need to hang your sling or sling-board and 2 leg loops.

Our recommendation for suspension is to snap a carabiner to the 4 suspension points in the frame, then thread the chain through the sling eyes, loop it up and snap it at height with a carabiner. This way you can easily adjust the height without the chains rattling on the tops. Then when someone lies down in the sling , all the weight is in the center of the frame and there is hardly any rattling of the chains.

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Dimensions 7 × 20 × 25 cm