Leather Neck Cuff 8 cm. Black + Yellow Piping with Fixed Stainless Steel Chain

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Steeltoys Leather Neck Cuff with Stainless Steel Chain.
Black with piping in the color: Yellow

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Leather Neck Cuff with fixed heavy stainless steel Chain.

Use this extra chain as a front or rear handle for a good grip during heavy work.

Exterior in black heavy saddle leather.
Inside softly lined in Yellow leather.
With soft piping in leather in the color Yellow

Heavy Chain made of stainless steel and is up to 6 mm. thick.
Length of chain is standard 28 cm. but can also be longer by arrangement.
The chain is attached to this Collar and therefore cannot come off.

Per 1 piece

Width total is 8 cm
Equipped with 3 D-Ring of 4 cm.
6-position adjustable buckle closure

Internal diameter and circumference is approx:

Position Diameter Circumference
1 16 cm. 50 cm.
2 15 cm. 47 cm.
3 14 cm. 44 cm.
4 13 cm. 41 cm.
5 12 cm. 38 cm.
6 11 cm. 35 cm.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 30 × 10 cm



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