Sling-Rim-Seat® Steeltoys + 4 Springs

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Sling-Rim-Seat® Steeltoys
+ 4 springs

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New!!! The Steeltoys Sling-Rim-Seat®.

With an ordinary standard rim chair, you sometimes lie awkwardly with your shoulders between the 2 or 4 legs of the chair.
And have little freedom of movement. You are stuck if you want to use your fingers, fist or a dildo with it.
Not with this Steeltoys Sling-Rim-Seat®
This hangs completely free and is thus freely accessible from all sides.
Seat is with open front so everything there is also good hanging or playing loose.
The springs make it very fun to “rock up and down” on e.g. a Cock, Dildo or Fist.
So the one who sits is most in control.
Put a pillow or mattress under it and you won’t be bothered by the tubes of the sling frame.
No cheap plastic seat but made of strong MDF.
The seat is supported by a steel frame that allows it to carry a person up to 150 kg.
Frame and rings are steel and powder coated.
Sling-Rim-Seat® Steeltoys to hang in a sling frame or from hooks on the ceiling.
You can use your own standard chains from your sling, or e.g. straps, see photo.

The springs may look floppy but that’s just the way it was done because you have at least 10 cm. up and down for a nice fuck.

Includes set of 4 springs with 8 fixed carabiners

Excludes chains or (tension) straps.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 50 × 50 cm
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