Springs Set For Sling Frame Or Ceiling

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Don’t just swing but instantly rock with this set of springs to use in a sling frame or on hooks in your ceiling.
Set of 4 springs with 8 fixed carabiners.

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Enjoy floating and rocking in your sling with this set of springs.
Springs to use in any brand of sling frame but can also be attached to your chain, rope or hooks in your ceiling.
Set of 4 pieces with 8 fixed carabiners.
For both a 4-point and a 5-point sling. (The headboard is attached to the 2 rear chains)
You can clip these springs between anything through the fixed carabiner hooks.
Because these carabiners are FIXED to the springs, they can never just get loose when you rock back and forth or swing.
Loose springs can therefore loosen more easily with all the consequences that entails. And this way you never lose the carabiners.
Choose safety and float fun with this set of springs.
Load capacity is guaranteed up to at least 50 kg. per 1 spring. ( set of 4 pieces is thus total carrying capacity of 200 kg.)
These springs are flexible and stretch up to 10 cm. This is just the fun of it.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 12 cm
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